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2.5 million men ‚have no close friends‘

Source: Stark new research shows chances of friendlessness trebles by late middle age By John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor, „It is among the most basic of human needs but stark new research suggests that more than two and a … Weiterlesen

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All the Bros I Love Leave Me

Source: By Sasha Chapin „…The classic stereotype about male friendships is that they’re more “instrumental,” rather than “emotional”: women bond, men wrestle. Women share emotions, men share activities. I acknowledge this stereotype is sexist—there is absolutely no reason why … Weiterlesen

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How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult

Source: Updated by David Roberts “ most Americans only know single-family dwellings and auto-dependent land use. They cannot even articulate what they are missing and often misidentify the solution as more or different private consumption. But I do not … Weiterlesen

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